Based on past workshop experiences, we aim to avoid fatigue and maximize productive discussion and work with decent breaks and a shorter workshop. Participants will present work as a 10 min. panel presentation/demo.

To prime fruitful debate, the first part of the workshop will alternate thematic panels of 4 presentations each. Each will be followed by a discussion teasing out particular challenges and opportunities that will be collected and clustered in parallel by the organizers on shared boards.

In the second part, we will break up into small groups. Each group will be facilitated by two designated leads (one HCI, one game AI) and develop (a) approaches to an identified cluster of design challenges or (b) uses to a cluster of opportunities, captured in a shared online document and illustrated with one-page mockups. A final plenum session will share group results, discuss emergent issues, and identify follow-up plans facilitated with gamestorming methods.

Accepted papers will be published online as CEUR workshop proceedings ( and linked on the website ahead of the workshop. Videos of all presentations will likewise be shared on the workshop website. Results will be written up as an article for ACM Interactions or Communications of the ACM. We plan to run a mirror event at a relevant game AI conference (e.g. FDG, CIG, or Dagstuhl seminar).


8.30-9.00 Arrival
9.00-9.15 Introduction by organizers
9.15-10.30 Panel I 
10.30-11.00 Coffee break 
11.00-12.10 Panel II 
12.10-13.20 Lunch 
13.20-14.30 Panel III
14.30-15.30 Group work 
15.30-15.45 Coffee break
15.45-16.45 Sharing and final discussion